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Specialized Retail Products:  

 Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Oral Motor, Sensory, Supplemental Reading & Math, games and books to educate in all areas of need.





Fine Motor:  Fundanoodle, an affordable writing program designed by a pediatric occupational therapist that supports all school aged children in developing the acquisition of appropriate handwriting habits. Product line includes multi-activity kits (building capital letters; lower case letters), writing activity tablets with all tasks covering the development of muscle (fine & gross),visual motor, sensory, and brain building. User friendly & reasonably priced.

Gross Motor: Fun and Function product line includes tactile therapy balls, tactile magic cushion seat, peanut balls, and more! LLR also carries a variety of products all aimed at supporting the development of gross (large) motor muscles. Appropriate opportunity for gross motor development has been proven through research to be important in development of cognition (learning). 

Oral Motor: Blowing bubbles and chewy tubes.

 Books: LLR carries books on a wide variety of disABILITIES topics specific to behavior, sensory, social skills, personal hygiene, character education children's book, and more.

Sensory: Sens-ational Hug Tees, weighted blankets, lap pads, fidgets, brushes, and more.

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